Tips On Creating Your Demo Reel

If you want a career in film, you have to prove just how talented you are. There are a few who make a mistake of not providing what the clients are after. No matter how difficult or how easy you make your demo reel, the important thing is that they see potential in your work. You have to work your magic with the help of some fcpx plugins to make sure you get a call back. Here are a few tips on how to make your demo reels.

  1. Variety – You only get one shot at it so you better give it your all. You don’t have to focus on just one difficult thing but show them that you are flexible to do almost everything in the industry. Compile all your best work in a single reel and make sure that each of them are meant to impress. Show them that you are great in visual effects, commercial videos, instructional videos, and other projects that you have done in the past. A wide range of skills and talents has a higher chance of being hired than just being focused on one thing.
  2. Emotion – You have to be great at capturing emotion. No matter how bad your actress or actors are, you have to edit and find that moment when you captured the emotion that you want them to portray in your reel. Make sure that you start building that emotion until you reached the climax.
  3. Music – If you try watching a film or a video without any sound you will feel that something is missing or lacking. The music plays a great part in a film and you need to carefully choose the background music for your video. It can be very influential in the emotion that you want to express. Choose something upbeat so that it can easily grab the attention of your viewers; just make sure it fits the video you are showing. Sync the video with the flow of the song and you will be able to create a harmonious reel.
  4. Finesse – Of course you would want to show off, this is the main reason you created the reel. Mae sure to include clips that will show that you can handle even the difficult and technical work because the experts can surely identify and see what these are. Be creative in your editing and make sure you skilfully entertain them.
  5. Have Some Fun – Make your reel fun and entertaining, you don’t have to be very serious in your reel and you can include some hilarious or funny clips that will still show your capability as a film maker. It shows if you had fun in creating your reel and you would feel happier about it. Remember that your creative side can flow freely if you just let loose and have fun with your work.

Hopefully these 5 tips help you create a reel that will impress others and showcase all your skills and capabilities. You can show your final work to your friends and family first and take constructive critism.

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WordPress as a Content Management System

Over the years, WordPress has become one of the leading content management systems in the world. However, before discussing WordPress as a content management system, let us first discuss what a CMS is.

Controlling Your Own Website with a CMS

Using a content management system, you may be able to create an entire website and take control of its content even without the services of web agencies. With a CMS and just a short period of training, you may be able to update each web page in your website, and each element in those pages. Some of the other popular systems today are Joomla, Website Tonight, Blogger, Homestead and Drupal.

Evolving from a Blogging System into a CMS

WordPress was initially developed and designed only as a blogging system. However, it eventually started to evolve into a content management system. Over the years, new features and updates were incorporated into the system.

Today, it is already being used all over the world to create different websites from personal blogs to corporate websites. It can even be used to set up market places and app stores. From its beginnings as a simple blogging platform, it is now acknowledged as one of the most popular full-fledged CMS available with over 18% of the top ten million websites using the system.

Using WordPress

As a full-fledged CMS, WordPress is more than able to execute its many functions. Creating and managing the content of any website is made easy for all of its users. Non-technical people with no prior background programming such as business owners, marketing consultants and bloggers can benefit from this system and easily get into web development.

With its simple but functional interface, anyone can learn how to use it with just a little bit of training. The user interface of the CMS is laid out in a very logical and predictable manner that can be understood by both technical and non-technical people. Nevertheless, regardless of the simple look of the UI, the functionality of the CMS is still excellent.

Also, the open source nature of the CMS makes it even more appealing to its users. With an active community of contributors, the system boasts of thousands of plugins and themes. Updates and fixes are also being released constantly. On top of these, such tools and resources are free to use. By using this CMS, you do not have to spend a lot of money in making and maintaining an effective and engaging website. Premium themes can be chosen by the users, but these do not cost too much compared to having a CMS developed.

Finding a WordPress Developer in London

If you are in need of a reliable wordpress developer london company, then please feel free to get in touch with us at Smarter Digital. Our dedicated team can deliver effective online marketing solutions suited to the needs and requirements of your business.

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